Case Study: Yamaha Fascino Service

Yamaha’s Lifestyle scooter in India targeted for Urban youth. With its curvy style combined with bits of chrome, it creates that retro looks which build its compelling characteristic. The scooter comes with 113cc single cylinder air-cooled engine with 7 BHP it is ideal for office or college commute.

Despite all the fancy features, there comes a time when it is not compelling enough after it meets with an accident. Today, I will share such an incident of a customer with you. Wednesday evening I got a call from a past customer saying that her wife met with an accident and her scooter is broken. Our team went down to inspect the scooter to assess the damage. Since the damage was rather serious, the decision was made to get the scooter to the service station to inspect the vehicle in detail.

This is how the bike looked like when the we got it out of the pick up truck.

Post inspection following was concluded

  1. Chassis was found deformed.
  2. Front Fork was deformed.
  3. Front leg shield was damaged.
  4. Front Nose was damaged.
  5. Front Mudguard was damaged.
  6. Flooring side Strip damaged.
  7. Floor mat was damaged.
  8. Cone set was damaged.
  9. Left side body panel was damaged.

After evaluating, we submitted a quotation to the customer which was approved in no time by the customer. Hence, we began working on the scooter. While we were working on it, these are the following work that was done in the scooter.

  1. Chassis Deformation was repaired which avoided chassis replacement and RTO formalities following it for the issue of new chassis number.
  2. Front Fork deformation was repaired.
  3. Front leg shield was replaced.
  4. Front Nose was replaced.
  5. Front Mudguard was replaced.
  6. Flooring side Strip was replaced.
  7. Floor mat was replaced.
  8. Cone set was replaced.
  9. Left side body panel was replaced.

We completed this work by Sunday evening. The Scooter looked like a new one, once the entire process was completed. Here are some photos post service.

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