Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

For the proprietors of motorcycle vehicles, purchasing motorcycle Insurance is necessary. There are two significant ways of engine protection to be specific: outsider protection and complete protection. Thorough protection not just gives inclusion against harm, misfortune, and robbery of the bike, yet additionally shields the guaranteed against outsider liabilities. In this way, it is fundamental to be aware of the cases and make a productive case.

Two Types Of Motorcycle Insurance Claim:

1. Cashless claims:

If there should be an occurrence of a credit only case, you don’t need to stress over the maintenance costs. In any case, you should guarantee that you get your vehicle fixed from an organization carport. An organization carport is a subsidiary with your motorcycle protection supplier. In this manner, you are needed to pay the deductible sum, assuming any, and the rest is dealt with by your safety net provider.

2. Reimbursement claims:

If there is an incident of a repayment guarantee, you can get your vehicle fixed at your favored carport. Notwithstanding, you should pay for the fixes from your pocket and afterward present the first bills, installment receipts, and so forth to your safety net provider. Your guarantor will take away the deductible sum and repay the maintenance add up to you at that particular time.

Motorcycle Insurance Claim Process:

In the event of a mishap, there will be an analysis of your bike. You should give a few reports to the assessor or any agent of the safety net provider previously or during the review.

Notwithstanding these archives, you should fill and sign the case structure. On account of organization claimed vehicles, a mark of the approved signatory alongside the organization seal is fundamental. You likewise require the accompanying:

  • FIR, in the event of burglary, demise, or injury.
  • Driving permit of the driver if there should be an occurrence of a mishap, self-verified duplicate.
  • If the case sum is higher than Rs 1,00,000, a copy of your PAN and an identification size photograph.
  • RC of the motorcycle, self-verified duplicate.

How to Claim for Motorcycle Accident Insurance?

Claim for Motorcycle Insurance

If you’ve been in a mishap, the main thing you should do is mastermind a clinical help for any individual who is harmed and note down the subtleties of different vehicles and individuals engaged with the mishap. Try not to focus on such payments to anybody. If your motorcycle has endured harm because of mobs, strikes, psychological oppressor exercises, housebreaking, you should educate the police right away. FIR is mandatory for any demise, wounds, or property harm because of the mishap.

In case you can’t move the motorcycle because of a severe mishap, ensure that the vehicle is in safe hands at the spot. Do whatever it takes not to move the vehicle or turn off the motor again yourself. Call the insurance agency for direction on finding a repairer and housing a case. Try not to destroy or fix the motorcycle until it has been assessed by a guarantor or selected assessor.

Documents Required for Motorcycle Insurance Claim

Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance Claim

Following are the documents you need to submit while insurance claiming:

  • Subtleties of the safeguarded vehicle.
  • Area of the mishap.
  • Policy number.
  • A brief description of the occasion.
  • Name of the owner.
  • Date and time of the accident.
  • Name of the driver and driving license.

Rules For Motorcycle Insurance Claim

Rules for Motorcycle Insurance Claim
  • You should fill in a fulfillment voucher and pay any sum (i.e. deductible) as needed to gather your motorcycle.
  • You may need to acquire the vehicle for re-review after fulfillment of fixes.
  • For Non-credit only cases or repayment claims, the money receipt is compulsory for the refund of an accident.
  • A credit only office will be offered to you exclusively in the wake of checking the archives put together by you and if everything is found all together.


Eventually, making a protection guarantee is tied in with securing yourself. You purchase protection to assure the estimation of your motorcycle. In case you are injured in an impact with another vehicle, you shield yourself from monetary misfortunes by gathering the pay you merit.

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