We all are a bit concerned about our bike’s mileage because after all, it’s the sign of the bike’s health. I always had a habit of monitoring my bikes mileage between refuelings. There is no rocket science involved when it comes to improving your bike’s mileage. There are certain habits that you need to have to maintain your bike’s mileage. Here are few of them which are easy to follow.


Tire Pressure

tire pressure

Tire pressure is one of the major factor involved in improving your bike’s mileage. Measuring tire pressure every now and then is little too impractical. That’s why I have a habit of inflating tire whenever I visit Petrol Stations. If your bike has a big storage space, you can also keep a pressure gauge in it.


Engine Oil

engine oil

Engine oil becomes thick after prolonged use due to the mixture of dirt and sludge. The thicken engine oil slows down your bike as the engine oil is stored in the crankcase and it displaces with the crankshaft. When the oil thickens after prolonged usage, it becomes difficult for the crankshaft to push the oil with it. Hence, the load on bike increases and milage reduces. I recommend oil should be replaced between 2 services.


Driving Conditions

driving conditions

Most of the time due to city traffic I tend to ride my bike haule haule. Then, sometimes I like to accelerate my bike too. This cause the drivetrain and powertrain to stress due to overloading. Most affected part is the chain, the chain gets elongated. Although, the chain can be adjusted up to an extent. My recommendation would be to accelerate gradually. As better mileage and thrill are opposites.




Overloading is carrying more than the weight recommended by your bike’s manufacturer. Overloading can be due to the excess weight of luggage or pillion rider. Overloading increases the stress on powertrain and drivetrain. Hence, the mileage of the bike reduces due to overloading.


Parts Lubrication


The outer moving parts like a chain drive are prone to the attack of dust and water. This cause the lubricant to wash away, I always use a chain spray to clean the rust and dirt on my bike chain. Wheel bearings are also prone to dust and water, as they are not accessible without proper tools to open wheel. It is recommended to get your wheel bearing cleaned and lubricated during every service.


Bike Service

bike service

Bike service is the most important part to improve your bike’s mileage. I service my Yamaha FZ every 3 months, also I have a checklist that my service station follows while servicing my bike. As most of the service stations do not cover all the required checkpoints in terms of bike service and it often leads to bike breakdown.

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