I recently figured out that motorcycle owners are constantly worried about additional part replacements during service. Hence, I felt like writing this blog clearing out all the difference between service station and motorcycle owners.

First things first, what are part replacements? Well, most of you reading this blog who know about part replacements might want to skip this paragraph. As I was saying, the part replacements are additional spares that are required for your motorcycle after it has failed. Some of the part replacements are easy to detect whereas, some failures are difficult to examine without an expert.

So, coming back to the question we need an answer to. How do I avoid part replacements? Well, the answer is quite vague and requires a lot of your attention towards your motorcycle. And, since the average life of a motorcycle is around 7-8 years. There’s nothing more you can do about it. But, I will help you to under your motorcycle better. Thank me in the comment below if this blog helps you. 👍🏻

Why are Part Replacements required?

Let us understand why are part replacements required in the first place. There are some parts in your motorcycle which are meant to wear-out to save your motorcycle from breaking down. For example, brake shoe/pads sole jobs is to rub itself to stop your motorcycle. Hence, it is obvious that these part are bound to wear out and may require replacements. Other similar parts consist of, Oil Filter and Air Filter as they filter and block particles from harming your engine. They need replacement/cleaning quite often. Hence, there is no way to avoid these part replacements as it directly affects the performance and mileage of your motorcycle. Although these parts need frequent replacement, these parts are quite inexpensive compared to other performance parts.

Now, the question arises that what parts should I avoid replacement and how? Well, there are certain parts which are meant to last longer as they are quite expensive when it comes to its replacement. Now, let me tell you this with a simple example. For example, the chain sprocket assembly is something that doesn’t require frequent replacement. As there is a chain adjuster in each motorcycle with lets you adjust the position of the rear sprocket to compensate the elongated chain. In the end, it depends on the care you give to each required part if you want to avoid it’s replacement especially when this some parts are quite expensive can so as high as ₹2000 or more. Since most of us do not have the time or knowledge of taking care of the critical parts, a bike service is of utmost importance.

How to avoid Part Replacements?

Now that we have established that bike service is the solution to avoid part replacements. Still, that answer doesn’t give you a clear solution on how to avoid it. There are some of the aspect related to bike service that we need to follow to avoid part replacement in a longer run.

Service Quality

First, when it comes to your bike always look for quality service more than an inexpensive one. As if you compromise on service (quality service), your part bills will increase. Since some of the components require proper care and lubrication which most of the service station fail to do. Let me give you a simple example. The chain that is used in bikes are open chains and require chain spray for lubrication and not grease. But, most of the service station disregard the fact and still uses grease which causes dust to stick with the grease and cause friction. Which results in chain failure.

Service Frequency

Service frequency is also very important as we pretty much ignore the service frequency and only service bike when an failure has occurred. Which is a very bad practice to follow, since it causes your part replacement bills to sky-rocket during every service. Hence, follow the service frequency as prescribed by your manufacturer.

Also, some of you might not use your bikes very often. Well, an unused bike is prone to failure than its used counterpart. As the movement of the part is necessary for lubricants to flow between the joints and minimize friction. Hence, the used bike has better reliability than an unused one.

Daily Care

Despite all the professional help, you can get to maintain your bike, it’s you as an owner of the motorcycle who needs to understand and provide care to your bike for it’s longer life. There are a few tasks that must do from your end.

  1. Lubricating and Cleaning Chain
  2. Lubricating Control Cables
  3. Check and Maintain Tire Pressure
  4. Check and Clean Spark Plugs
  5. Adjust your Clutch play


I understand the information is quite overwhelming and some of it maybe somethings you never knew were necessary. As far as the bike is concerned, it requires care and regular maintenance. As, I have always said and will always say your bike requires professional and personal care for it to perform longer.

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