We all have those bad days when our tires are punctured in the middle of the road and we are left with only hope to find a puncture repair shop that is not very far. There has been a lot of innovation in tires to avoid or prevent trie punctures, when the tubeless tires came into existence it was considered to be much superior to its predecessor. Despite all these development, there are days when even tubeless tires give up. Especially, when its soft compound tires or slicks. For bikes brands like KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Bajaj; the tires are generally soft compound tires which are prone to punctures. I ride a Yamaha FZ-S that comes with MRF REVZ-Y 100/80 R17 M/C 52 P and MRF REVZ-Y 140/60 R17 M/C 63 P they are soft compound tires and wears out faster than its counterpart. I had to repair close to 12-14 punctures after riding my bike for a year.

Motul 102990 is the kind of product, I was looking for to solve my punctures and save puncture repair costs. After using it for a year now, I thought now it’s time to review the product. The review is based on my interaction with the product, reviews from other customers and answers from sellers on Flipkart.

Note: This is not a permanent solution, you will still have to repair your puncture after its usage if you want a longer life for your tires.

Motul 102990

Product Information

If you are a traveler then Motul 102990 is your perfect travel buddy. As it easily repairs and re-inflates the tire while riding without the removal of your wheel or any tools. It is a latex based product that does not damage the inner tube or tire. It can be used for both tube and tubeless tires. Also, with 300 ml one can fill it in both front and rear tires. The Motul 102990 Tire Repair contains pressurized latex, this enables the sealing of the puncture and re-inflation of the tire. The Bike can be driven for up to 100 km before repairing it with the traditional method. For tires larger than 15″ an extra spray might be necessary.

How it Works

Filling the tire with the product is really simple you would only require an air compressor to fill the air in your tire and some pliers to remove sharp objects that might have caused punctures. My recommendation would be to visit a Tire Shop.

  1. Remove the wheel from the Bike.
  2. Remove any sharp objects with pliers.
  3. Deflate the tire completely.
  4. Shake the Tire Repair bottle, heat it with your hand or near engine in cold weather.
  5. Unscrew the valve head and clean the valve threading.
  6. Screw the Motul 102990 connector.
  7. Remove the protection capsule.
  8. Position the spray upside down.
  9. Press the button and fill it with the Motul 102990.
  10. Ride the bike for 5-10 km at 20-30kmph so that the product is distributed evenly.
  11. Check the tire pressure and adjust it to meet the standard air pressure requirements.


  1. Works for both tube and tubeless tires.
  2. One single spray bottle can be used for both the tires.
  3. Can ride the bike for up to 100 km after a puncture.
  4. Seals the punctures and Inflates the tire.
  5. Does not require any special tools to use.
  6. Repairs puncture automatically and immediately.
  7. Very effective for Off-roading
  8. Value for Money.


  1. No easy way to track the quantity being utilized.
  2. Still does not work as an effective permanent solution.


Motul puncture repair is ideal puncture repair product for me as it saves me from the hassles of visiting a tire repair shop. I go on an off-roading trip and has helped me a lot in terms of reducing the stoppage time for puncture repair. I have been driving with Motul 102990 since past 1 year, I do not see me replacing this product soon. Although, there are a similar products available with different brand name I prefer to go with Motul as it is a trusted and most reviewed brand.

For any questions feel free to comment below, I’d be happy to answer them.

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