Terms of Transit Insurance

Insurance covers the following:

  1. Loss and damage to motorcycle due to Fire, lightning, breakage of bridges, collision with or by external sources, and, accidents of like nature.
  2. Burglary/Theft/Non-delivery/Accidental damage during pick & drop.
  3. Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion.


  • Transit insurance is compulsory for all user opting for service.
  • Transit insurance is restricted to a rideable vehicle, i.e. non-punctured motorcycle tires, properly functioning brakes and clutch, and with no problem caused by the bike causing any discomfort, harm, safety issues to the Protto Delivery Executive.
  • The Motorcycle should have a valid Smart Card or RC Book issues by the respective RTO.
  • The details on the Bike matches the details on the Smart Card, i.e. Vehicle Registration Number, Engine Number, Chassis Number.
  • If informed after 24 hours of Vehicle Delivery.
  • The Maximum Settlement is limited to the Vehicle's depreciated value.

Documents to be submitted in case of a claim:

  • Copy of Booking Confirmation email.
  • Name & address of Vehicle Owner.
  • Description of the Vehicle.
  • Depreciated Value of the Vehicle as per Vehicle Insurance Provider.
  • In case of loss due to theft, FIR from the police.
  • Relevant documents, Photo of Damaged Vehicle, % loss, Value of Damage to be sent to [email protected]

Other Terms:

Insurance cost is included in ProDry & ProWet Service.